Basement Waterproofing Shaker Heights
Basement Waterproofing Shaker Heights
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Water penetrating your basement walls might be diverted to a sump pump but moisture and water are continuing to enter and may be creating air purity, humidity and possibly mold problems. The safest and most complete waterproofing can only be accomplished through exterior waterproofing which is the foundation of Cleveland Waterproofing Inc.’s expertise.

If you are told that you need an air purifier, dehumidifier or sump pump as a part of the waterproofing process will your home really be waterproofed? The answer is “NO”. Water is only being diverted to a sump pump and then pumped out and therefore is continuing to penetrate your basement walls further weakening the structural integrity and foundation of your home.


Cleveland Waterproofing Can Provide  The Following Waterproofing Solutions
Extend Downspouts from Structural Foundation
Reform Concrete Driveways of Walkways Away from Foundation
Properly Clean and Connect Downspouts to Sewer
Properly Divert Existing Sump Pump away from Structure/ Connect to Sewer
Install Drains or Properly Connect Existing Drains
Eliminate Tree Roots in Sewer Lateral
Exterior Waterproofing
Raise Grade Around Foundation to Facilitate Proper Drainage Away from Foundation
Inspect All Sewer Lines For Proper Flow And Operating Conditions
Yearly Maintenance Program to Ensure Proper Drainage

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